The flamingo may only be threatened now but their population is rapidly decreasing because of human causes. Flamingos live in lakes, lagoons and wetlands and they always get polluted because humans throw litter on the ground which can poison, choke and kill the flamingos. Another cause by humans is climate change. We all know about climate change and how we don’t have much water and soon we won’t have any to drink etc... but for flamingos it is the exact same thing only they don’t cause it.

The flamingo is part of the world’s food chain and if it goes then many other animals would be affected. The shrimp and krill’s population will increase because they won’t be eaten as much which means in some lakes, lagoons and wetlands there will be hundreds. That means the plankton that they eat will die out in that water. This means that the waters purity would be affected (because plankton cleans it) which would affect all the other animals etc, etc. Also the vultures, cats and foxes will have nothing to eat. This means there population will decrease and then the things eating them will decrease in population etc, etc. The whole food chain will be disturbed and eventually it will lead to humans so we have to make sure no animal gets extinct.

At the moment not much has been done to save the flamingo because it is only threatened. The worlds focus is more on pandas, gorillas and polar bears. Luckily there is some focus on the flamingo. As mentioned earlier Lake Nakuru is drying out and the Kenya Wildlife Service is trying to do something about it. They have started a campaign to stop using water and save general African wildlife.  Once Flamingos become endangered (which I hope they don’t) more focus will probably be on them.

Flamingos are a very popular at zoos and in the wild if spotted. If the flamingo becomes extinct then people will be disappointed that they will never see the glorious pink bird again. Just like all animals the flamingo brings people together because of websites and campaigning about it.

Plastic flamingos are a huge franchise now and there are many companies devoted to making them. If flamingos become extinct then the plastic ones will be too. This may put many people out of the job which may cause havoc in the economic system. This is just one more reason the flamingo can not become extinct. Plus the plastic flamingo in the front yard is a great topic to discuss. And we don't want to eliminate that, do we?